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Our 26th & Final Season!

Bach’s Six Brandenburg Concertos


If THURSDAY or FRIDAY sell out indoors,
come join us in the garden!

Prairie Pines Gardens

Concert Information

Afternoon Delight Concerts begin at 3:00 pm. Non-reserved seating opens at 2:15 pm prior to the concert.

For evening concerts, our stunning gardens open at 6:30 pm. We encourage you to bring a picnic basket and dine with friends at tables and chairs throughout the garden.

At 7:15 pm you may enjoy the pre-concert discussion Inside Scoop inside The Barn.

At 7:45 p.m. patrons need to be seated for the 8:00 p.m. performance. There are three options for seating during the concert. Two inside air-conditioned seating-Barn tickets and outside seating-Garden tickets.

Wine and beer are available for purchase. No outside alcohol is allowed. Some Garden seating allows you to view the concert from our 50″ projection screen. The audio is heard from multiple stereo speakers. Many other garden locations can be chosen to hear the music surrounded by nature without visual access to the concert.

Concerts take place at Prairie Pines 4055 N. Tyler Road, Maize, KS 67101(unless otherwise noted)

Wine & Beer

Wine and beer are for sale through intermission. You must be 21 with valid ID.

Please do not bring outside alcohol to Prairie Pines.


6:30 pm: On evening concerts the Prairie Pine gardens open for you to bring your own food and socialize with other music lovers. Tables and chairs are provided. Garden or Barn tickets need to be purchased for entry.

7:15 pm: INSIDE Scoop presentation begins inside The Barn (30 minutes) Open seating.

7:45 pm: Ticketed patrons seated for the concert inside The Barn. Garden guests attending the Inside Scoop will move to the Garden area seating.

8:00 pm: Evening concerts begin (unless otherwise noted below).  We have two ticket and seating options. Inside seating-Barn tickets. Outside seating-Garden tickets.


  • Featured Musicians

    Oboe: Amy Goeser Kolb, Erin Flory, Cindy Thompson
    Flute: Carmen Lemoine, Kathy Ensey
    Horn: Jeb Wallace, Kenshi Miyatani

    Harpsichord: Rose Marie Chisholm, James Knight

    Violin: Tim Jones, Amy Glidden, Evegeny Zvonnikov, Natalia Korenchuk, Nancy Luttrell, Chelley Graves
    Viola: Catherine Consiglio, Lillian Green, Elizabeth Wallace
    Cello: Leonid Shukaev, Andrew Kolb, Susan Mayo
    Bass: Mark Foley, Eric Crawford

  • About the Performance

    The spectacular Neupert Harpsichord, donated to CMATB by past patron and arts devotee George Vollmer, will be featured.

    It takes approximately 100 minutes to perform all six Brandenburg Concertos. That is less than two hours! We will take a few moments between concertos to change personnel. There will be a slightly longer time between the middle two concertos so that inside patrons can take a bathroom break. Everyone will enjoy hearing at least one concerto in the beautiful Prairie Pines Gardens. Then, come back in for the grandest of the six concertos- Brandenburg No. 2 for the big finale!

    Concert Order
    Concerto No. 1
    Concerto No. 4
    Concerto No. 6
    Concerto No. 5
    Concerto No. 3
    Concerto No. 2


  • Concerto #1

    Oboes-Amy Kolb, Erin Flory, Cindy Thompson
    Horns- Jeb Wallace, Kenshi Miyatani
    Solo Violin-Evgeny Zvonnikov

  • Concerto #2

    Horn-Jeb Wallace
    Flute- Carmen Lemoine
    Oboe-Amy Kolb
    Violin-Evgeny Zvoniikov

  • Concerto #3

    Violin I- Amy Glidden
    Violin II-Evgeny Zvonnikov
    Violin III-Tim Jones
    Viola I-Catherine Consiglio
    Viola II-Lillian Green
    Viola III-Elizabeth Wallace
    Cello I-Andrew Kolb
    Cello II-Leonid Shukaev
    Cello III-Susan Mayo
    Bass -Mark Foley

  • Concerto #4

    Violin-Tim Jones
    Flute I-Carmen Lemoine
    Flute II-Kathy Ensey

  • Concerto #5

    Violin-Amy Glidden
    Flute-Kathy Ensey
    Harpsichord-Rose Marie Chisholm

  • Concerto #6

    Viola I-Catherine Consiglio
    Viola II-Lillian Green
    Cello-Leonid Shukaev
    Gamba I –Andy Kolb
    Gamba II-Susan Mayo
    Gamba III-Mark Foley

The Inside SCOOP @ 7:15

Sirius XM Symphony Hall host John Clare will serve up some fun and interesting facts about Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. This enlightening 30-minute talk will take place inside The Barn.