Chamber Music at The Barn promotes the appreciation of Chamber Music by providing Concerts of Artistic Excellence in an intimate, casual, country setting, and by hosting Educational Opportunities for persons of diverse ages and backgrounds.

Prairie Pines Christmas Tree Farm

Concerts are held inside the Main Barn… a rustic log cabin with single row balcony seating. The atmosphere is perfect for Chamber Music! Comfortable seating is enhanced with video overhead for the few seats that are further from the front. Facilities are handy next door in the concession barn where iced tea and coffee are served at Intermission.

Prairie Pines Gardens, Ponds and more…

Remember that after dinner in the Garden you might decide to take a stroll in one of the other Gardens or walk over one of the Waterfalls. Travel across the bridge and make a large circle up to the ampi-theatre and see some of the rehearsal barns used in the several Music Camps. Make sure and get back in time for the Concert!

The Prairie Pines Bridge

Take a walk back in time… to the Cretaceous period! History underneath your feet and for your eyes. The stone for this bridge came from a house built during the years 1900 – 1917 by Jacob Stull from Greenhorn Limestone near Ransom. The brick, which says Scott, is from Fort Scott. Shells can be seen in the stone from 65 million years ago. Take a look at history right here at Prairie Pines Tree Farm!


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